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Storybook Plan

The main idea for my storybook project will be mythological Serpents and Sea Monsters. These creatures are usually portrayed as villains or adversaries for other more prominent mythological characters to battle and overcome. I think for my project I want to flip the script a little bit and let these beaten baddies have a little time in the limelight. Some of the stories I've decided to remix and explore are things such as Apep from the Egyptian mythos. Apep is a deity of chaos that fights with Ra every night. Ra, of course, wins these nightly battles and reemerges everyday victorious and brings the sun up. The second I chose is one of Heracles's 12 labors, the Drakon Hesperios. There must have been something to make it earn a spot in the 12 labors, so I would like to explore more of ferocity and rumors that made it so legendary that it required a demigod to defeat. Lastly, I want to take a bunch of monsters and kind of combine stories for them a little bit. I need some more t…
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This is the comment wall for my storybook!

Week 4 Lab: Tech Tip: Twine

(Flowchart by Kayau) Twine:Twine seems like a really cool tool. I played around in the editor a bit and it was really intuitive and easy to use. I liked that when a block was empty it displayed all the instructions for how to format text and make the clickable links. I think this would be really useful for making a cool choose your own adventure type story. It would let me explore different aspects of a story within one entry. I'm also looking forward to learning more about the scripts and programming that you can do to spice up the story. There could be some rogue-like elements to add into the stories.

Reading Notes: Homer's Odyssey Part B

(Charybdis et Scylla by Ary Renan)
Odyssey: The Sirens, Scylla, and Charybdis Translated by Tony Kline:

Characters: Odysseus, Crew, Sirens, ScyllaOdysseus: Tells crew to tie him to the mast so he can listen to the song that the Sirens sing. He tries to get his crew to release him so he can go the sirens but they do not. Then when they pass Scylla and Charybdis he is in his armor but can not do anything as his men are carried away and probably eaten. Crew: more of them die. This time to Scylla. I am surprised they were able to resist wanting to listen to the Siren's song. I think it could be interesting if one did. Sirens: Try to lure Odysseus and the crew towards them so that they can eat them all. Scylla: Attacks the ship and doesn't have dialogue in the translation. Eats a bunch of Odysseus's men. (maybe a metaphor for cannibalism??)Plot: After explaining that he has talked to a bunch of dead people, Odysseus has his crew set sail to try to return home to Ithaca. Their fir…

Reading Notes: Homer's Odyssey Part A

(Head of a Cyclops, Picture by Steven Lek) Odyssey: The Curse of Polyphemus: Translate by Tony KlineCharacters: Polyphemus, Odysseus, Crew, PoseidonPolyphemus: Is the cyclopes. He gets blinded by Odysseus and they escape him. He prays to Poseidon to get revenge or justice on Odysseus. Throws a bi rock at the ship as they leave.Odysseus: Previously blinded the cyclopes. get men to sail on and they got lost. Kills some magic deer. (feel like since this is all from his perspective maybe he killed his own crew to survive)Crew: just rowing Kind of boring not much personification. I think adding them into the between island journey as their morale fades and hunger takes over could be interesting.Poseidon: Hears Polyphemus's prayer that he want Odysseus to return home broken and beaten.Plot: After blinding Polyphemus the cyclopes, Odysseus and crew escape and have lots of sheep. Polyphemus prays to Poseidon to ruin Odysseus. He then throws a huge rock towards the ship and narrowly misses …

Topic Research: Serpents and Sea Monsters

(Common Kukri Snake by Anagha Devi)
I think for this project I'm going to focus on the Serpents and Sea Monsters. Going off of what Laura recommended to me, I think doing a storybook around various mythical reptiles could be interesting. Most of my story ideas here are kind of simple where I flip the story and the serpent/dragon wins. First story idea: Wikipedia: ApepI could make this story based around Apep's eternal battle with Ra and them fighting every night. This would of course include Ra winning every time. Maybe they could get tired of fighting over time or Ra becomes more and more arrogant because he thinks he can never lose and his victory is always assured. Maybe one day the prayers stop and Ra is finally defeated, thrusting the world into eternal darkness and chaos. Second story idea: Theoi: Drakon HesperiosThis is the 100 headed serpent who guards the Golden Apples of Hesperides. It's name is Ladon and it is killed by Heracles as part of the 12 labors. I don…

Feedback Strategies

The first article I read was "Try Feedforward instead of Feedback" by Marshall Goldsmith:I thought the focus on future changes was an interesting idea. Instead of focusing on what happened in the past, the article advocates for ideas how to do things in the future. I feel like this advice could be helpful, but it seems it could be too general. Especially with it saying the feedforward could come from anyone that, even people who don't know you. I think this may lead to people getting really generalized advice when they may just need help in a very specific way. I do agree though that it's easy for people to take feedback personally, and by focusing on future tasks, it alleviates some of that feeling. I think point 7 in the link is the biggest part. It's just uncomfortable to criticize someone's performance and it feels bad to receive it. 
The second article was 'Five Reasons to Stop Saying "Good Job"' by Alfie Kohn:I never really though about…